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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Halloween at High Noon: The Descendant

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She's coming home again after 16 years

The Descendant is a film written by us...but not yet produced.

While we would like to entertain the idea of eventually creating this film, we have decided to present it as an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack first

We hope you enjoy Halloween at High Noon: The Descendant by Candy House, available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other download sites.

The Descendant is dedicated to:

Gerald Wither
Frances "Frankie" Iron
Stacy Temple
Betty Pearl-Chambers
Eric Howe

Special thanks to:

Linda "Spark" Sparks
Ronnie Sparks
Jeff Byars
James Cousins
Eugene Fleak
Carol Simmons
The surviving members of Strange Sugar
The town of Greenbrier


  1. I think this is a brilliant concept.
    Been loving this album and have listened to it many times, each time finding something new and different. Like listening to a wonderful ghost story unfold.

  2. If you can't stand crowd then for sure get to Seattle venues here early to start off your night. Our group did this just a few days ago and quaffed down some tasty beers and ciders before making our escape to further escapades in the city.