High Noon Records

High Noon Records

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Betty Pearl-Chambers

From the Greenbrier Watch (newspaper)
Elizabeth Lorna Pearl Chambers, 61, of Greenbrier, and a lifetime resident of Washington County, died unexpectedly on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 29.
She was in her 37th year as a history teacher at Greenbrier High School where she also attended school in her youth.
She was a lifetime member of North Church of Greenbrier where she was baptized on Sept 20, 1914.
She was born March 21, 1913, in Washington County to the late Leo and Laura Krupp Pearl. She was also predeceased on October 30, 1958 by her only brother, David Pearl.
She is survived by her son, William (Margaret) Chambers of Seneca Lake (and grandson Thomas, Jr.); two daughters: Cheryl (Thomas) Parker of Oakland, CA, and Lillian (Robert) Wither of Greenbrier (and granddaughter Wendy); and many nieces and nephews and other relatives and friends.

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