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Monday, October 30, 2017

Eric Howe

From a Letter to Carlene Brown from Holly Murrell dated October 25, 1974

Dear Carlene,

Hey, Sweetie. I haven't heard from you since summer. I hope you're doing all right. With my luck, my grandparents are throwing your letters in the garbage. You're such a bad influence.

Well, I did it. I made the move. I drove all the way back to my hometown, Greenbrier. 2,000 miles in a car. I would have stopped in Wyoming to see you, but I barely had enough gas money to get here. It took me 4 days!

The house looks the same, just smaller than I remember. The people here seem very strange and look at me like I've done something wrong. Well, except one of them. His name is Eric, and he is very cute and very sweet. He actually helped me start settling in yesterday. He even invited me to his friend's Halloween party tomorrow...and I'm going. I don't know - I'm drawn to him. It feels like we've met or I know him from another place. It's hard to explain - like a dream. Hopefully he doesn't kill me...(haha...)

Write back please - you worry me.


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Betty Pearl-Chambers

From the Greenbrier Watch (newspaper)
Elizabeth Lorna Pearl Chambers, 61, of Greenbrier, and a lifetime resident of Washington County, died unexpectedly on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 29.
She was in her 37th year as a history teacher at Greenbrier High School where she also attended school in her youth.
She was a lifetime member of North Church of Greenbrier where she was baptized on Sept 20, 1914.
She was born March 21, 1913, in Washington County to the late Leo and Laura Krupp Pearl. She was also predeceased on October 30, 1958 by her only brother, David Pearl.
She is survived by her son, William (Margaret) Chambers of Seneca Lake (and grandson Thomas, Jr.); two daughters: Cheryl (Thomas) Parker of Oakland, CA, and Lillian (Robert) Wither of Greenbrier (and granddaughter Wendy); and many nieces and nephews and other relatives and friends.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Stacy Temple

From the 1974 Battle of the Bands at the Metro Program/Roster:

Band #9:  Stage 2 - 8:30 PM

Stacy Temple & Strange Sugar *2nd runners-up at 1973 Battle at the Metro

Stacy Temple (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard)
Doug Curtiss (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Alan Stern (bass, backing vocals)
Neil Evers (drums, backing vocals)

Channeling their inner Bowie and Bolan, these glam rockers are on the rise and looking to steal this year's prize. A must see.

From record label A&R letter:

Dear Stacy,

Thank you for sending the Strange Sugar tape. After several listens, the A&R staff and I have decided your work does not meet our needs and requirements...

Artist & Repertoire Department, East Coast

Frances "Frankie" Iron

From the 1973/1974 Seneca High School Yearbook:

As Treasurer of the sophomore class, Frankie would like to thank her fellow sophomores for their continued trust with the class's money. Frankie is not only a proud member of the student government, but she also participates in After School Book Worms and has worked for three years as an elementary math and history tutor. Frankie credits her first-grade teacher, Mrs. Pearl, with inspiring her love for learning and hopes to one day become a teacher herself. Oh, and she just happens to be a co- captain of the Varsity Cheerleading squad and was the sophomore attendant at Winter Homecoming. Frankie's future is clearly bright.
What can I say? You are the most amazing person ever and my very best friend. You stick by me through thick and thin. You are such a blessing to me and I have no idea what I would do without you. Looking forward to next year - JUNIORS!  Love you to pieces
Go Hawks! Beat the Wolves! GETTIN OUR KICKS - CLASS OF '76!

P.S. Nice sweater by the way. Of all pictures for them to use. You're welcome...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Gerald Wither

From the Greenbrier Police Department Missing Person Report (Monday, October 28, 1974):
RN#                     EK*****
NAME:                  Gerald WITHER
AGE:                    29
RACE:                  White
SEX:                    Male
DOB:                   October 17, 1945
HEIGHT:               5 ft. 10 inches
WEIGHT:              170
HAIR:                   Blond/Brown
EYES:                   Green
Gerald "Jerry" Lee Wither left the Stop 31 Tavern in the area of Greenbrier locally known as the Gulch at approximately 2:15 am, Friday, October 25, 1974. He was last seen exiting the tavern with a unknown white female adult, 20-30 years.
At approximately 3:30 am the same morning, the Stop 31 Tavern's owner, Fred Hamilton, noticed that Jerry's vehicle was parked in the tavern's parking lot, where it still remains. Subsequent investigation revealed nothing remarkable on the vehicle or in his residence that would indicate foul play. Jerry has not reported to his place of employment since Thursday, October 24, 1974.
Jerry was wearing blue jeans, white sneakers, red t-shirt and brown wool coat. His female companion was wearing blue jeans, boots and a black jacket.
If you have any information, please contact Greenbrier Police Department.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Halloween at High Noon: The Descendant

Click on Image to Listen

She's coming home again after 16 years

The Descendant is a film written by us...but not yet produced.

While we would like to entertain the idea of eventually creating this film, we have decided to present it as an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack first

We hope you enjoy Halloween at High Noon: The Descendant by Candy House, available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other download sites.

The Descendant is dedicated to:

Gerald Wither
Frances "Frankie" Iron
Stacy Temple
Betty Pearl-Chambers
Eric Howe

Special thanks to:

Linda "Spark" Sparks
Ronnie Sparks
Jeff Byars
James Cousins
Eugene Fleak
Carol Simmons
The surviving members of Strange Sugar
The town of Greenbrier

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Local Legends Aren't Allowed to Die - Halloween at High Noon 2017

Click on Image for More
Happy Valentine’s Day, Creeps.  As promised: a Halloween at High Noon 2017 update…with love…

Production on the 2017 Halloween at High Noon release has begun. This year’s album will, in fact, be the soundtrack for our future film, The Descendant. As we tend to do, we have abandoned convention and will release the soundtrack well before the completion of the film, which is currently in the later stages of being written. More details of the soundtrack will come as the year progresses.

That said, we at High Noon Records understand the dread that is knowing we are not yet even halfway home. In an effort to help alleviate the stress of the coming months, we have compiled a kind of supplemental, “popular” soundtrack playlist for The Descendant.

Please click on the image above to indulge in these soothing sounds on your weekly commutes, your spirits-filled Saturdays and lazy-hazy Sundays as the days grow longer and we find ourselves waiting for the leaves to once again change. May they lift you up this Spring and Summer before the wonderful – and inevitable – Fall…

Friday, January 13, 2017

...and today's his birthday

Happy Friday the 13th.

The High Noon New Year has begun, and with it, the prospect of another Halloween...a mere 291 days away.

Stay tuned for an announcement (of sorts) to be posted here on February 14, 2017.

Until then...