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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Halloween at High Noon 2016 Update - 7/5

Click on Image to Hear Levitate by Man with the Spinning Face
A Happy (belated) Independence Day to all.

Not a lot to report as the first week of July is traditionally a busy one for us.  We can say that the experiment at the Holly House is complete, and we came away unscathed - and unwitched...from what we can tell.

We're about 90 days out from presenting our 10th full-length Halloween at High Noon release, and we are very pleased with the direction it's taken.  Still at 21 tracks, we've reached the point where a couple new songs will emerge - and the 11th hour songs are usually some of our favorites.

In the coming weeks, as tracks inevitably fall off of the final list, we are going to try to post some of them online as well as announce the album title and some artwork - we just don't want to give too much away too early.

More to come...

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