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High Noon Records

Monday, May 23, 2016

Halloween at High Noon 2016 Update - 5/23

This will be the first of many updates on the progress of our pending 2016 release. We’ve been recording and putting together material since this past Halloween, but now is when we get heavily into the production phase. And we are very excited about this one.

We have our title, which we will share at a later date.  We are currently at 22 songs, but this number is fluid as tracks are removed and others added over the course of the production process (and some of those 11thhour tracks have become our favorites).  This past weekend in particular saw two songs come into their own.
We are now on Bandcamp, so be sure to check in there for extras – we’re discussing the possibilities of a pre-release track, album pre-release orders, and other supplemental material.  We will also be sharing sounds here in some of these updates – current project material, fat we’re cutting (our ‘B-Side” collection could be an album or more on its own…and may just be eventually), extras, etc.
Stay tuned.


  1. Very excited! Always look forward to the annual release...it's become as much a part of the season as seeing the first costumes & decorations hit the shops!

    1. We really do appreciate it. And as early as Halloween hits the stores anymore, we're running out of daylight.