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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkinrot Interview with Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue Magazine interviews the one and only Pumpkinrot.  Click on the image to check it out.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Halloween at High Noon on SoundCloud

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You can now listen to selected tracks from all Halloween at High Noon releases and more at SoundCloud

Halloween at High Noon: Way of the Wicked - Out Now

Halloween at High Noon: Way of the Wicked
available on iTunes / Amazon mp3 
1.  Dead End Ranch - Incantation
2. Man With the Spinning Face - Levitate 
3. The Black Spots - The Shadow Creeps 
4. Flesh Creeps - Dead Dimension 
5. The Divine Sham - Black Cat Dub 
6. Skeleton Crew - Army of Ghosts 
7. Dead End Ranch - Conjuration 
8. Sinister 6 - Nightmare Santanico 
9. Zombie Dub Siren - Dark Night Riders 
10. The Flatlines - The Mist, The Night 
11. Lunar Veil - Overland Flight 
12. The Bokor - Shadowland 
13. Dead End Ranch - Manifestation  
14. Delvis - The Bell Witch Tolls 
15. John Dauber Trio - The Dark Tide 
16. Sinister 6 - Spell No. 9 
17. The Undeath Ward - Looking Glass 
18. Zombies of Death - (Don't Stop) The Rot 

Way of the Wicked Promotional Artwork

Halloween at High Noon:Way of the Wicked promotional image created by CrudeDoodle.

Visit crudedoodle.com for more original graphic design & illustration.